“Airtime, Your Safe Trading Environment”

Airtime’s Service is the missing link in Telecom Industry. Allowing you to use different features that will make your trading, billing and payment more lean safe and consistent.

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International network of wholesale VoIP

AIRTIME is an International network of wholesale VoIP traders with an expertise in data communications sales and support, providing innovative and high quality services to providers from all over the world.

A-Z termination services
A-Z termination services

Airtime provides an easy and direct access to high quality and cost efficient voice routing. Thanks to one of the widest networks of direct routes, we offer the ideal solution for A-Z termination services.

Competitive prices

We terminate large quantities of telecom traffic worldwide. Due to our considerable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates on the market.


What we offer

Switch and NOC
Switch and NOC Operations Service
Network Infrastructure
Owned Infrastructure
Consulting Services
Consulting Services for VoIP Traffic
Remote Customer Support Services
Mobile Solutions - SMS, P2P, A2P, MMS transit
Virtual Wallet
Virtual Wallet

“Jump in Airtime, your gateway to the industry”

Become an Airtime “chosen supplier” will give you the opportunity to offer your best destination and to get paid on your preferred terms!

A single interconnection, a multitude of opportunities

User friendly interface guarantees you the best customer experience, dealing with the global market , improving your revenues in an  efficient , secure  and inclusive model. 

make more money quicker
Multiple Customers/Supplier
Secured Payments
Secured Payments
Digital Market place
Dispute Mitigation and revenue assurance
delivery process
KYC & AML delivery process
Fast Set up

The Airtime platform

Airtime provides a unique trading experience for carriers to trade voice and SMS with real-time settlement when trading within the Fintech eco-system

  • Integrated Bank Accounts in the name of the Carrier
  • White Label distribution model 
  • All users have access to Fintech Eco-System including it’s members and service providers 
  • Platformication of a carriers network assets with marketplace trading experience

“Stop chase the payment, let payment run after you!”